Let the sun rise
And give the morning light,
The purest prayer
Will not bring us back.

He whose candle was blown out
And was buried in the dust,
A bitter cry won't wake him
Won't bring him back.

Nobody will return us
From the dead dark pit
Here - neither the victory cheer
Nor songs of praise will help.

So sing only a song for peace,
Do not whisper a prayer.
Better sing a song for peace
With a big shout.

Let the sun penetrate
Through the flowers,
Don't look backward
Leave those who departed.

Lift your eyes with hope,
Not through the rifle sights.
Sing a song for love,
And not for wars.

Don't say the day will come,
Bring the day
Because it is not a dream,
And within all the city's squares,
Cheer only peace.

So sing only a song for peace,
Do not whisper a prayer.
Better sing a song for peace,
With a big shout.

A Song For Peace
Lyrics by Yankale Rotblit
Music by Yair Rosenblum
First performed by Miri Aloni and Lahakat Ha'Nachal in 1969.

English version by Carol Dor of Sydney, Australia © from HebrewSongs

November 4 1995
Tel-Aviv, Novembr 4 1995
Yitzhak Rabin sings Shir L'Shalom
at the peace rally with Miri Aloni,
Shimon Peres and others.
Minutes later, while leaving the
rally, Rabin was assassinated.
The Peace song is now associated
with that tragic event.

Yitzhak Rabin 1922 - 1995

  Shir La'shalom / Chords
Am A7         Dm
Tnu lashemesh la'alot
G           C
laboker leha'ir.
F       Dm
Hazaka shebatfilot
E         Am
otanu lo tachzir.
Am A7        Dm
Mi asher kava nero
G          C
uve'afar nitman,
F              Dm
bechi mar lo ya'iro
E          Am
lo yachziro lechan.
G         C
Ish otanu lo yashiv
G         C
mibor tachtit afel
kan lo yo'ilu
Am A7        Dm
lo simchat hanitzachon
Am   E     Am
velo shirey halel.

           F     C
Lachen rak shiru shir lashalom
Dm      E      Am
al tilchashu t'fila.
        F     C
Mutav tashiru shir lashalom
Dm           E
bitze'aka g'dola.

Chords by Dan Jurkowitz © from Radio Hazak